The First Stop in Our Journey!

Originally posted May 19, 2012:

Hello again! I have been go-go-go for the past week and now life has slowed down enough for an entry to let you all know I’m alive and well.

  • This week has been CRAZY. Starting with Monday. In the morning I stopped by Marie’s house to pick up ¬†my disc of FABULOUS images from my Rock The Dress session ūüôā as I said goodbye she had already made up in her mind that I wasn’t getting away¬†that¬†easy, so she invited me to hang out with her and Cakes that evening. I gladly accepted and went on my way to do some packing. I didn’t end up doing a whole lot of packing, but I picked up my best friend (aka: Karissa) and went home. My grandparents looked at my photos and found them absolutely stunning and we watched some tv. Afterwards I went to Marie’s house, had some of her lovely lasagna and trekked off to watch her boyfriend’s softball game! We got home late and after a wonderful last-night home, it was time for sleep.
  • Tuesday: What a day! I woke up, bought my plane ticket to leave at 7 p.m., and I was off. I left the house a little before 11 after a very painful goodbye to my most favorite people, my grandparents. My grandma had some testing at the hospital and I wasn’t sure if I would see them again before I left at 4ish. I went to Aroma’s and had a scrumptious breakfast/lunch (I don’t like the word “brunch” because it just reminds me of The Brady Bunch and curly hair) with Sarah Monroe and we had lots of catching up to do! After a stinging goodbye, I went home to finish packing and laundry. Little did I know that I had WAY more stuff than I thought. *whoops!* Around 3, my mom went to pick up Karissa as I tried to finish up the laundry. Wellllll that didn’t happen. So I took all the clothes I could fit in two suitcases, along with Corey’s PS3, and two blankets. After lugging those out to the car it was time for my final goodbye to my grandparents. I’m not even going to go into detail because I would be typing like this- And then… sniffle sniffle… I said…. sniffle *bawl like a baby*.. goodbye to Mam…. *bawling tremendously*…and Pap.. So we’re not gonna go there! After that I had to stop at my mom’s house to say bye to my brother Joey and my dad (and my dog, of course). When all of that was said and done, we left for the airport. Upon arriving to the Drop-Off area it hit me that I may not see 3 of my favorite people I used to sometimes take for granted, for a very long time: My best friend who has been there for me through thick-and-thin, no matter what, my little sister who I sometimes wanted to strangle, and my mother, who despite our differences sometimes, she is the only person I could go to with anything and everything throughout my whole life. The hugs and goodbyes went in that order, followed by one last hug for my little sister that broke. my heart..
  • ¬†LISTEN UP: As much as you may or may not despise your smaller siblings sometimes for bursting into your room, making a mess in your car, embarrassing you in front of your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, going on and on about random little-kid shows, asking you 1000 questions about anything and everything, etc. REMEMBER. One day, if you have to leave them, you will miss them. When you see the tears in their eyes, when they tell you “I wish you didn’t have to leave”… It will break your heart in a million pieces.

¬† As I wiped the tears from my eyes and pretended to look fine, I walked in the airport. I flew to Dallas/Fort Worth for a short layover, and then to Waco where my husband was waiting for me with a much-needed hug and kiss. Seeing his face made everything okay. It didn’t make me not miss anyone from home, or take away the pain of the goodbyes, but he made everything bearable, everything okay.

  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday went by like a flash! I got to sleep in our own bed for a few hours on Tuesday night and was up early Wednesday for a “Marriage Retreat”. Oh I know what it sounds like. It sounds like where someone goes that has a “problem marriage”, because that’s what¬†I¬†thought it was! Haha. However, it wasn’t like that at all. The seminar was held in Dallas at Embassy Hotel & Suites for 2 and 1/2 days. It was entitled “Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage” and consisted of only couples from Fort Hood, some of which had been married a few months, and others who had been married for 25+ years! It was a learning experience and we both really enjoyed it and learned a lot to help us when times get rough in our life.

¬† ¬†We got back around 4 on Friday evening and ate, looked at cars, and finally just came home and crashed. Today Corey is gone for something at work and that leaves me home alone. My only thought for the day is “Hmm.. Okay… I know no one here, I’m in the middle of an Army base, we have no furniture yet, our stuff hasn’t gotten here yet, and I’m in pain. Fun day.” Sounds like a blast, right? It’ll get better.

¬† ¬†This upcoming week we are *fingers crossed* getting a car! Hopefully after that we can acquire some furniture and liven up this house a little! I don’t have much of a life, really, but I’ll try to keep everyone updated on our lives here in the Hood! (that joke is gonna get old reeeeal quick…)

I’m almost always free, so feel free to send me a text or call anytime you’d like because I need people to keep me updated on all the¬†wondrous¬†happenings of Brookville and such ūüôā