This Was Me Being Whiney…

Originally posted April 26, 2012:

Wow. I was being a whine-bag.

One small post before bed..

 If you don’t want to hear about me whining, I advise you to skip this entry. Today hasn’t been particularly good, but not so bad either. I cried after writing my last entry and then took a nap after I got home from the airport. When I woke up, I went to see my sister-in-law, Megan, for a little while. Seeing her cheered me up a little, but after I left I realized how much I would miss her. I cried when I left her house. Then I dropped off a game Corey rented at the video store, and cried because I knew I would never step foot in there again. After being reluctantly dragged in there every time we were in Connersville, I realized I would miss Corey begging me to rent a game. On my way home I got straightened up and was listening to music. I had it on shuffle and our First Dance song from our wedding came on. Cue waterworks. I got back to my aunt and uncle’s, and started to watch the NFL Draft, thinking watching tv would keep my mind off things. Around pick 20, they took a moment to bring out 2 reps from each branch of the Armed Forces and play a patriotic song for those who keep our freedom safe. (I was talking to someone, so I “had to go to the bathroom” and cried a little more) After that I started joking around with my aunt and uncle, so I was feeling a little better. They went outside to smoke, and alas.. Shelby can’t catch a break today. They flipped over to show fans, who happened to be soldiers, in Fort Hood, TX watching the Draft.. where Corey is.

I feel selfish for crying sometimes, because I’m going to be with him soon. I feel greedy for being upset, when I know his whole family is upset from him leaving and won’t see him for quite a while. I’ve been told “don’t be upset. It’s all right for you to be upset, too.” but I feel like I shouldn’t be, since I’ll see him soon. Soon, being anywhere from 2 weeks from today to a month, maybe more.


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